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Canadian Highland Cattle Society Membership Form

In order to become a member of the Canadian Highland Cattle Society, you must complete the form provided by the Canadian Livestock Records Corporation (CLRC) and send it with your payment to the address on the form. CLRC will issue and mail you your membership card.

Membership Form


Cattle Registration Form

The registration of your animal must be done through the Canadian Livestock Records Corporation (CLRC). You will find below the eligibility rules regarding the registration of your animal as well as the printable form. Once it is completed, send it to CLRC so they can process your request. Do not hesitate to contact us or CLRC for any information regarding the registration of your animals. You will find their contact details in the Useful Links section.

Registration Rules:

Registration Application:

Tattoo Intructions: 


Transfer Application

When a registered animal is sold or given away, the owner of the animal must:

  • Complete the back of the registration certificate of the animal and send it to the Canadian Livestock Records Corporation with your payment.

Please note that the sale of a registered bull will require a DNA analysis on file with CLRC.


Death of a Registered Animal

There is no specific form to indicate the death of a registered animal. However, to maintain an updated pedigree book, it is strongly recommended to send the Canadian Livestock Record Corporation (CLRC) the certificate of registration of the deceased animal with the letters DCD on it.


DNA Test

For all DNA tests, either:

The cost is $54 per kit.