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Breed History

Highland Cow

Highland Cattle originated in the Highlands and west coastal islands of Scotland, areas severe in climate and lashed by the North Atlantic gales. Throughout the long recorded history of Highlands, breeders have taken great care to retain the original characteristics of these cattle. Originally, the breed was divided into two classes, the West Highlands or Kyloe, and the Highlander. 

 The Kyloes, raised on the western islands of Scotland, tended to be of a smaller size and had a higher percentage of black and brindled cattle than the mainland Highlanders. The size difference was probably due more to the severe climate and limited rations that the island cattle were subjected to than to any genetic variation between the classes. Today all members of the breed are called Highland. 



Upcoming Events

2015 Annual General Meeting

CHCS Annual General Meeting

Expo-Boeuf 2015

October 2015 in Victoriaville, QB. Dates to confirmed. If you’re interested in participating at Expo-Boeuf next fall, participation is open to all Canadian purebred breeders of Highland Cattle.

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L'Épicerie on Radio-Canada
Next Wednesday - at 7:30pm, the show L'Épicerie on Radio-Canada will be discussing Highland Beef. Be sure to tune in!

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Photo Submissions
We are looking for photos from CHCS members for a range of projects. We need a variety of photos for our upcoming calendar, winter photos for the banner of this website, and general photos for The Kyloe Cry.

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College Royal, Ontario

Each year University of Guelph students run an open house called College Royal. This year’s College Royal is March 21-22, 2015. The students open their barn to display and promote animals in agriculture to the public. This year they would love to include some Highland Beef Cattle, they are sure they would be a big hit. Also, they ask breeders to come and promote the breed over the weekend, if desired.

Cattle would need to be brought in Thursday or Friday and picked up Sunday or Monday.

If you are interested in bringing in cows or calves to display over the weekend, please contact Emmett Swanton at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Did You Know?

A Helpful Tip for Highland Breeders
If you need to clean the ear of a Highland to apply a new tattoo or read an old tattoo before completing a transfer...
Just wipe the ear with the new «Lysol Disinfecting Wipes» 4 in1.
The Wipes clean, disinfect and remove all wax build-up (and they come in a variety of scents).

All breeding bulls must have DNA identification on file with the CLRC before their progeny can be registered.
Please Remember: If you plan to apply for registration of an animal 24 months of age or over, you must supply proof of parentage by DNA analysis. It is the responsibility of the seller to pay for the bull’s analysis.

A Little History
1966 – First publication of the Kyloe Cry under the name of “CANADIAN HIGHLAND CATTLE NEWS”



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